Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 16, Friday 29th Feb. Wirrulla to Ceduna

Day 16

Friday 29th Feb

Wirrulla to Ceduna



Up at 6:30am. We got off to a good start but Harv had some troubles with his breaks early in the morning. This was our fasted average speed for the trip so far, sitting at around 22.7km/ph for the day. It was great to get off early. We didn’t have as many issues with the sun being so hot, the flies weren’t as intense, and it meant we got to Ceduna by around 1pm.

We hit the local Sports Power to get the bikes looked at, and get the rear spokes fixed, as I had now broken 4 rear spokes. Our rear tyres are wearing quite fast because of all the weight we have on the back so we purchased some more tyres to change over if we need them. We also grabbed some spare spokes just incase we need them over the Nullarbor. We did some shopping for the next few days, and then washed some clothes finally.

Being a busy fishing town, I couldn’t go past some Whiting for dinner. Off over the Nullarbor next. Only 500kms from the WA border. Woohoo!

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