Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 28, Wednesday 12th March. Salmon gums to Esperance

Day 28

Wednesday 12th March

Salmon Gums – Esperance



The trucks consistently woke me up through the night, so by around 5am it wasn’t to hard to get out of bed. We were both excited to be finally heading to Esperance. We packed everything fast and hit the road.

The morning was really fresh and it was interesting to feel the warmth of the sun breaking through the trees in spurts to the left of me as I rode. We were now counting down the kilometres in 5km sections, and every 5km felt like at least an hour. Our anticipation for Esperance was strong, and it made the ride feel way longer than it should have.

We stopped in a small town called Gibson, for an early morning Ice Cream, Flavoured Milk, and Harv opted for a pie. About 10kms out of Esperance we rode to the top of a hill where we could see all of the lakes and bays. We stopped for a small look around as it was really exciting to see some bodies of water again.

Finally in town, we set up the tents at the Caravan Park. The bikes were well due for a service, so we dropped them into the local bike shop, before heading to the Supermarket to get some snags for a lunchtime barby, and a few celebratory drinks.

The barby was awesome. We spent some more time calling all of our mates to tell them where we were, and after some more drinks headed off to by some pizza for dinner.

After dinner we went back to the campsite where we met a bloke called Mark from England camping next to us. We got chatting over a few beers, and eventually we got the guitar out for a good old sing along. It was so nice to finally spend some time off the bike, relax, and play some music. It was getting late so we put the guitar away, and headed to the barby for some mushroom sangas before bed.


Shelley said...

You guys sure are insane, but a good insane. It'd be good if you don't die before you get home so we can have a beer. I had no idea Harv, crazy. Good on ya, see you when I get home. Trust me, the US has nothing on Australia.

Mick said...

Good luck for the race tomorrow Harv! Are you using the mountain bike hahaha?!?!?? Let us know how you go. Great blog Gents, keep it up!!