Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 18, Sunday 2nd March. Penong to Nundroo

Day 18

Sunday 2nd March

Penong – Nundroo



I woke up a number of times in the night, feeling a bit sick, knowing that the day ahead was going to be hard when I had to finally rise.

At about 10:30am it was time to get out of bed, and get sorted for the ride ahead. The sickness I felt during the night had grown, and I felt absolutely terrible. I don’t usually get that bad a hangover after a few beers, so It had to be something more than that. I had a shower and packed everything up, then we headed over to the roadhouse for some breakfast. I had some Wheat-bix and some Eggs on Toast. It didn’t go down to well but I needed some energy for the ride. Much to my discomfort, we threw on some sunscreen and hit the road.

I was hunched over the bike, and started throwing up in my mouth. Things weren’t looking good. About 40 minutes into the ride I pulled over to throw up. Out came the eggs I had for brekkie, but for some reason my body hung onto the wheat-bix. There was no other option but to get back on the bike and keep going. The sun didn’t let up. I tried to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, but my body didn’t want to hold it down. My head felt dizzy, and the kilometres felt slower and slower.

During the ride we ran into a Japanese guy who we had heard about. He was heading east, and had spent the last 9 months riding from Sydney, anti-clockwise around Australia. He was fully loaded up, and told me he even had a didgeridoo packed away in the back of his bike.

Finally the Nundroo Roadhouse showed up. I had been craving an icy pole all day so that was the first thing I bought. I laid on the concrete out the front of the Road house for a while, eating icy pole, and drinking some soft drink and water, and then we set up the tents. I hadn’t eaten much all day, so we decided to get a feed in the bistro at the roadhouse. I ordered chicken and vegies, and got through half of it.

After some phone calls to the crew back at home, sleep was on the cards. Off to the tent to retire for the night.

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