Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 31, Saturday 15th March

Day 31

Saturday 15th March

Esperance Day Off

A good sleep. I woke up at a good hour and started writing some things down. A shower and a pack up and we made our way back to the caravan park.

We had a pretty quiet day and got some things ready to start riding again the next day. Harvey organised a bike to ride on in the race. The triathlon organiser came to the caravan park and took us for a drive around the course to show Harv what to expect the next day.

Another massive barbeque for dinner. For some reason I absolutely stuffed my face with food to the point where I felt sick. Harv had to race the next day, and I think we learnt our lesson by drinking too much a couple of nights before, so we decided to have a quiet night. There was a good movie I wanted to see at the local cinema, so we went and watched that, and then headed to bed.

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