Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 40, Monday 24th March. Margaret River.

Day 40

Monday 24th March

Margaret River

No riding

My alarm sounded and I jumped in the shower. Part of the deal with our room was we get a free breakfast of our choice bought to the room in the morning. Eventually their was a knock at the door and a girl handed me a tray with two massive egg and bacon breakfasts. Harv and I couldn’t be any happier! I remembered that the washing was still in the machine. We constantly forget to hang our washing out, so this was nothing new. We grabbed it from the machine and spread it around the room hoping it would dry before we started to ride.

I got a message on my mobile phone from the girl named Sally I had met at the tavern the day before. She said her friend Michelle has a gig around lunch time at a place called he Colonial Brewery and I could go play some songs if I’m interested. I gave her a call and sure enough it sounded like a good idea. It was only about 10kms on our way out of town, so we packed up our things and started moving towards the venue. Because of my wet bike gear, I stupidly decided to ride in my jeans. The sun was quite warm and I was so uncomfortable.

We rocked up at the brewery and it looked like a great set up. I had $20 stashed away with my cd’s so we decided that being at a brewery and all we should get some beers. I went to the bar and ordered a tasting pallet. About 6 different beers in 150ml glasses so that you get to taste them all. Not bad beers at the old Colonial Brewery.

Michelle turned up and set up the Pa system before informing us that we can get a free lunch, and free beers over the bar. Ripper! The sun was in full force and it looked to be a positive day.

I jumped on stage and felt really good playing my songs. Sally and Michelle and her mates all looked to be really enjoying what I was playing, and so did the crowd sitting around hopping into their beers. After I played the manager had a word with me and told me I’m welcome to come back and play a show any time. It’s amazing what comes out of meeting nice positive people. A few pints later, Michelle and Carolyn started whipping out some mellow Jazzy tunes. Harv and I ordered some Fish and Chips and started discussing the reality of us actually leaving Margaret River to do some riding for the day. It was just to good a day, the sun was shining, good beers, good people, good music, the decision was practically made for us. Michelle and Carolyn played some great tunes and then joined us for some beers. We met Michelle’s brother John who invited us round to his house to have a feed and stay for the night.

So after the show was all over, we headed off to John’s house via the supermarket. Harv and I were in full party mode so we bought some more drinks, and I bought a heap of stuff to make the crew a big salad to eat with dinner.

Over the dinner table John told us of some of the adventures he’d been on. My favourite was a 6 month sailing trip on an old 20ft Catamaran around Indonesia. Definitely an inspiration! He was also into spear fishing, and had surfed some massive waves in his time by the looks of the photos on the wall, and was about to head to his home land of New Zealand to take part in a kayaking trip. He also took pride in his veggie garden out in the back and took us for a bit of a tour. Harv took a real interest in Vegetable Gardening from that moment and started asking questions excitedly, thinking about future possibilities or his own garden. We had an awesome feed. A big curry, and a massive salad. We sat out the back and spent the rest of the night passing the guitar around playing songs, and singing harmonies to one another’s songs.

I retired to the couch for some sleep with the realisation that we had to ride the next day.

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