Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 34, Tuesday 18th March. Rest Stop - Boxwood Hill

Day 34

Tuesday 18th March

Rest Stop – Boxwood Hill

The tents were wet in the morning but not due to rain. Harv seemed somewhat refreshed from a good sleep. We ate some cereal for brekkie and hit the road. More hills just for a change.

I keep noticing birds throughout the trip. They seem to give me some kind of motivation to keep going when I fall into a trap looking at the pedometer on my bike and counting down the hours till we get to the next destination. Whilst passing the Fitzgerald national park area I became quite interested in the local vegetation wildlife.

It was entertaining to fix my attention on the native trees and the birds beside me.

The first half of the day went quite fast, although the hills were still intense. We arrived at Jerramungup and once again hit the supermarket for some kind of refreshment. A fair bit of time which riding is spent thinking about what you are going to buy when you get to the next town. Ice cream? Lemonade? Chocolate? Fruit? Quite a crazy thing considering the beauty of you’re surroundings, and how lucky you are to be surrounded by nature completing such a journey. But I guess with all that physical activity your body craves sugar or something?


We got to Jerramungup and bought Ice creams once again. Next we went to the roadhouse in hope of buying a salad roll or something healthy. Studying the menu startled us with the value of the local Truckie Burger. A massive burger full of Bacon, Egg, Steak, Hamburger, Cheese, Salad. Quite a massive burger but we couldn’t go past it! We hopped into that lot and got moving again.

We road till it got dark. The hills were still evident but not too intense. We turned up a little road stop called Boxwood Hill. There wasn’t really anywhere to camp near the road side, but there was a big grassy area next to the roadhouse. The roadhouse was closed but there was a bloke out the back feeding the chooks or something. I asked him if its cool if we camp and he said yeah go for it. You gotta love country crew who are happy to help you out.

We started setting up camp and a dog started barking and running towards us. Looked to be quite big, and I could imagine a big German Shepard coming to mall us both. A bloke started yelling and cursing the dog. It quietened down but started barking in small spurts. I suggested we move behind some trees to camp so the dog might settle down a bit. The tents went up a breeze. We’re really good at setting up and packing up camp at this stage in the trip. 2-minute noodles for dinner, just for a change. 2-minute noodles may not seem like they’re much. But they are just the absolute ultimate cheap, easy, tasty, effective dinner travelling around. And we were so excited every night to have noodles again.

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