Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 33, Monday 17th March. Munglinup - Rest Stop Past Ravensthorpe

Day 33

Monday 17th March

Munglinup – Rest Stop Past Ravensthorpe


I woke keen to ride. Still feeling great after our days off in Esperance. Harv wasn’t to motivated to get out of bed, but he did. Some cereal for brekkie and we started making our way towards Ravensthorpe.

Much to Harv’s disappointment the hills started to show up again, and they didn’t let up all day. Up, down, up down, all day. We got to Ravensthorpe extremely hot and sweaty from the intensity of the ride, and the hot sun. There was a massive steep hill as we rode into town just to finish it off. We pulled up at the local supermarket and bought some lunch. I ate a couple of bowls of breakfast cereal and a heap of fruit. Harv opted for a can of Irish Stew or something. We sat around for a while until we gave into temptation and bought ice cream. Back on the bikes and into a nice downhill out of town. The hills just got worse. One felt as if it was constant for at least 5kms. Harv was really struggling and he told me it’s the worst day of riding he’s had the whole trip. I pushed him for at least 30kms until he couldn’t go anymore.

We pulled into a little section of bush on the side of the road and set up the tents. We ate 2-minute noodles for dinner again and headed to bed. It felt like it was going to rain, and it was quite windy.

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