Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 35, Wednesday 19th March. Boxwood Hill - Albany.

Day 35

Wednesday 19th March

Boxwood Hill – Albany


We woke up with wet tents again. So decided we should go to the roadhouse and get a drink to let the sun dry them out before packing them up. Egg and Bacon sangas were just to tempting so we had one each and packed everything up.

I needed to get some bike tubes after spending way too long on the side of the road trying to patch a tube. It took me 3 goes before I realised that I had to let the glue dry before sticking the patch on. I don’t think Harv minded because he just laid back on the side of the road for a bit of a snooze.

Both tired, and hungry we finally made it to Albany in the afternoon. It was nice to reach our next destination, but frustrating to roll into another big city. The afternoon traffic didn’t seem to like taking us into consideration with their driving skills on the road. I didn’t feel to safe so I moved onto the footpath. It was nice to have the conveniences of shops, but the fresh air that once had healing qualities with every  gasp was now gone.

We eventually found a bike shop that had the right tubes I needed for my bike, and then headed into town. I was still dizzy so had a couple of sushi rolls to fill me up a bit. I knew of a backpackers so we decided to stay there and wash our bike clothes. It had been at least 4 days without a shower to so it was time for a wash.

After a good wash, and a couple of beverages to celebrate another landmark in the journey we joined the rest of the crew staying at the back packers for a bit of a bbq.

All day we had been talking about getting some pasta for dinner so we left the bbq and found a good pizza/pasta restaurant and sat down for a meal. We both opted for the carbonara and it was so good! Harv noticed that the restaurant was BYO so I ran for at least 10 minutes to the bottle shop and bought a bottle of wine to have with dinner.

Harv was keen to head out and try and find some crew to mingle with so we walked up and down the hills of town searching for an open pub but no luck. So it was back to the backpackers with the realisation that we needed to wash our clothes. There was a que for the washing machine but finally we got our clothes in before bed.

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