Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 32, Sunday 16th March. Esperance - Munglinup

Day 32

Sunday 16th March

Esperance – Munglinup


I woke early, and poured a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I filled the bowl with milk only to find out after a mouthful that the milk was off. So I had an apple and ran down to the pier where the race was to start. The weather couldn’t be any better. Harvey was there all ready to race. He got a special mention before the race to let everyone know about his mission across Aus on a pushbike.

I stood back with the video camera and watched the race kick off. In the swim it looked as though Harv was having trouble seeing where to go, which slowed him down a bit. He later told me that the goggles he had borrowed were fogging up. He borrowed a road bike off a local guy, and said that it was weird to stand up off the bike because it was so light. No trailer, no panniers, kind of strange. Most sections of the race he said felt pretty average, and harder than ever without constant training at high intensity. I stood back with the video camera and filmed him whenever he ran, or rode past, feeling quite lazy watching a bunch of people exercising while I did nothing. He got a time of 2:18 in the race, which he said is ok, but definitely not his best. I reckon he is a legend for giving it a crack after our effort of riding across Aus.

It took a while to get Harv motivated to start riding towards Munglinup after the race. And who could blame him really, but the truth was we had to keep moving. Our old mate at the caravan park helped him fix his bike rack, and eventually we got moving.

I was feeling great. Probably the best I had felt during a ride for the whole trip. And it was evident that Harv was really feeling it. He was lagging behind and looked to be in quite a bit of pain. I felt really sorry for him, but we had to get through at least 100kms. It felt like quite a fast, easy ride for me and I pushed Harv to make sure we got some kms done. We eventually found a rest stop and pulled up to get some sleep.

Some 2-minute noodles for dinner, then off to bed

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