Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 29, Thursday 13th March, Esperance Rest Day

Day 29

Thursday 13th March

Esperance Rest Day

I woke up sweaty in the heat of the sun, and startled at the sound and vibration pulsating through the ground at the Caravan Park. But at the same time, I had such a great sleep. Bacon and Eggs for breakfast on the barby was high in priority, and it absolutely ruled! Our English mate joined us for an egg and bacon sanga before heading off for a stroll to the shops. It was a really windy day, and he kindly brought us back some pegs for the clothesline. We had unsuccessfully tried to hang out our clothes to many times in the wind, and it was obvious we weren’t going to buy pegs ourselves, so he kindly made the offer.

We kicked around town for a bit, bought some bits and pieces, and used the internet to catch up with all of our friends, and see what had been going on back home.

Esperance had a massive Woolworth store so we headed there to have a huge cook up for dinner. After not going to a big supermarket for ages it was quite overwhelming to walk into a huge store. So many options! We walked around the store for a while throwing everything we felt like in the basket, without even thinking about whether or not we needed it. Dinner was set to be quite massive. Fortunately, but unfortunately Woolworth’s also had a big liquor store, and we were ready to celebrate our journey across the Nullarbor, and make quite a night out of it. So we bought a slab of drinks at a good price and started making our way back to the caravan park.

Harv received a call from Dave at the local bike shop saying our bikes were ready to be picked up. It was quite a mission trying to get home with two bikes, a slab of drinks, and numerous grocery goods. But we managed!

It was nice to hang out at the camp for a bit. Play some guitar, and talk about what had already been achieved, and what was to come.

A bloke came over to our camp that was curious about what we were doing. We later realised that he was curious about what everyone was doing. He was on holiday in Esperance, but pretty much the whole time we were there, he seemed to just wander the caravan park and talk to everyone. He knew where people were going, where they were from, who has what business, etc. We told him where we were going next and he whipped out a map to try and show us faster ways to go, but I don’t think he understood that we actually wanted to follow the coast. He was quite an interesting fella. Short, round, he wore glasses, and had a little bucket hat covering his patchy white hair. A good bloke, and he was quite envious of our trip.

A few drinks under the belt and it was time for a cook up. We gathered our goods and started heading over to the barby area. Whilst walking past a well set up camp, carrying heaps of food and a slab of drinks I received a shout out from some young crew who looked like they were keen for some company and a good time. So we headed over to the camp and ended up staying there all night. A good crew consisting of two guys and a girl, all travelling around Western Australia in a couple of 4wd’s, in search of good fishing spots, and a good time. We cooked our food and proceeded to finish all our drinks. They got all excited and eventually headed to the bottle shop to buy a couple of casks of wine. I held off the wine, but Harv was in full flight and got stuck into it. Eventually we headed to the Esperance Hotel because someone mentioned there was karaoke, and that for some reason sounded like a good idea. Karaoke was on at the pub, full of local ladies singing quite poorly, but having a good time. They told us they didn’t have time for us to sing anything. So after a few more beers we headed back to camp.

I crawled into my tent and left Harv with our new friends and their wine casks.

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